Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stumbling into the Twilight Zone.

Dazed and Confused 

If you found  my blog seeking veterinary advice and feel like you've just entered the Twilight Zone, my apologies.    I really did start it  to educate pet owners on veterinary medicine! 

Hopefully this entry will explain the reason for the confusion. 

My undergraduate degree is in biochemistry.  Prior to veterinary school I worked sequencing DNA. We used restriction enzymes to map DNA in the 80s, but  sequencing projects taking years in the past can be done in minutes with automation today.  Later I worked on a project  genetically engineering yeast for the brewing industry, which failed. But, this training and experience gives me an understanding of  the science of genetic engineering and awareness of  genetic modification of our food supply most private practice veterinary clinicians lack.  

Aside from proper vaccines, nutrition plays a key role in preventive medicine. Having noted improvement in multiple pets after elimination of genetically modified ingredients,  such as corn and soy from their diets, I began to research the safety science of GMOs. 

Sprinkled among pet care subjects (and music), you will find discussions of the safety aspects of genetic engineering of food.  The majority of the population is  unaware of GMOs, even as most pet foods and  more than 70% of the human food at the supermarket contain these genetically altered  ingredients.

Thus the  point is raising awareness about GMOs among the general public and the medical community.

 As the public becomes more aware, I hope people will  raise questions with their veterinarian, as well as their MD  and their pediatrician, who might likewise be in the dark.

I welcome your questions and comments, regardless of whether they are about  pet care, genetic modification,  music or "whatever". 

Warmest regards,

Dr. Ena


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