Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yelping on Yelp...and Facebook too.

Updated 11/26/2015

Like most people, you've peeked at a business's reviews online before investing money or precious  time on it, in the belief that the reviews are written in good faith. Most of us do it because we trust word of mouth opinions of our equals much more than direct marketing by the business itself. 

But the reviews you are about to read are from people who have never  been to our business. 

Here  is why: 

This is Stephan. He is promoting Monsanto's GMO on this site you can see by clicking the link 

Stephan loves and wants to work for Monsanto--the most evil Corporation in the world-- about to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.  He created a forgery, posted it on our Yelp account-- because he  is engaged in Monsanto's Dirty Food Smear Campaign  against people fighting for our right to healthy food.

We believe it is our right to know what we are eating and  that GMOs have not been shown safe for our patients to eat

We have been vocally advocating for labeling GMOs since Proposition 37 was placed on the ballot in California.   Having read thousands of long and complex science documents, we have very serious medical concerns about genetically modified foods, also known as GMO, present in many pet foods  As a result, we are being targeted in a smear campaign.

The tactics these thugs are using have been well described right here

We  have been seeing  suspicious clients sporadically since Proposition 37-  who arrive with an agenda rather than seeking care for their pets.  These unwelcome clients post vicious Yelp reviews -and then link  them on Twitter and other GMO discussions. We know  many negative Yelp reviews are fake because the clients, just like Stephan and Mike B, who you'll learn about in our video- don't show up in our records,   and we find the most vile, fraudulent reviews posted on Twitter by Monsanto GMO-promoting allies.

You need to know that the cancer specialists at the World Health Organization have just classified Round Up sprayed on 90% of GMOs  as a probable carcinogen.

The most prevalent GMOs are Round Up Ready and  no agency in the United States monitors Round Up residues of  the most prevalent chemical  in our food,

We suggest if you haven't been paying attention to food ingredient labels- you begin to read them very carefully now.  Stay away from any package that contains soy, corn, canola, sugar beets/ beet pulp unless labeled USDA Organic. 

Additionally, Monsanto is encouraging farmers to spray wheat a week before harvest to dry it out, so it isn't safe to purchase wheat products unless they are labeled USDA Organic. You might spend a little more, but lowering risks and rates of lymphoma, the cancer linked with Round Up is a great investment!

And this is Stephan admitting to the fraud he perpetuates against groups trying to avoid GMOs by arranging cyber-attacks to drive down ratings .

Stephan equating labeling GMOs to the persecution of Jews in the Holocaust.

Stephan equating a celebrated author- Nassim Nicholas Taleb- with Hitler. He is being targeted, just like us, for advocating Precaution with GMOs.

Stephan works with a PR Corporation called Ketchum discussed in this Investigative Must-Read Report about Monsanto.

Curiously, Yelp, locked me--the owner of my business Yelp account out of my account since July--preventing me from flagging  or responding to fraudulent reviews.

And even when, after months of attempts to remedy the problem with six different Yelp agents, I alerted Yelp's  CEO  to the problem on Twitter--Yelp does the opposite of what it preaches business should do in response to negative reviews. The CEO of Yelp simply ignores  the problem.

Stephan's GMO smear campaign of our business on Google. At least, unlike Yelp- Google allows a response!

 Is it stupidity and incompetence --or is Yelp still engaging in extortion?

See here: A veterinarian a mile from my practice sued Yelp in a class action law suit for extortion.  Unlike other businesses- hospitals can prove that reviews are fraudulent, because we keep records and can track our clients.  Yelp-sued-for-alleged-extortion/  

Yelp has been persistently sending us copious offers to sign up for its services starting at $300/ month.

Would the email address that would unlock our business account four months ago get changed  and  fraudulent reviews  removed-- if the business owner paid Yelp?

Yet another review from a person at the top of our Yelp account.

This anomalous "client" came in for a complementary staple removal.  We have a policy of providing complementary suture or staple removal for our own clients, as well as clients of other hospitals--based on records and instructions of  the primary surgeon.

However when asked for records and surgical instructions  this "client" acted suspiciously evasive. She had no records from any hospital  nor would she provide the name of the surgeon, or the phone number of the hospital where the surgery was done.

"Was it done at our local emergency hospital, who we work with extensively?"

 Unlike routine surgeries bite wound healing  is neither predictable nor routine because most of the trauma is beneath the skin. Bite wounds are not cutting wounds--they are crushing wounds. Which means that if we remove sutures or staples prematurely, against the primary surgeon's advice-- we have now made ourselves liable- opening ourselves up to a lawsuit.    In addition to demanding free staple removal, this "unwelcome client"  reiterated  the point that  she could remove the staples by herself! If you click on her review you will notice that is exactly what she did, with professional grade staple removers, begging the following question:
  • "Why show up to our hospital at all for a service you insist  you can do yourself?"
  • Answer: " She didn't need our services to begin with. This fake uninvited client simply showed up to write a fraudulent review"

This is Yvette

Yvette's  friend "visited" our hospital just to leave one of these fraudulent reviews

This is Yvette  with Cami Ryan of Monsanto physically  stalking out hospital.

 Yvette with Monsanto's Public Relations personnel: Doc Cami Ryan, Vance Crowe and Janice Person, who all work for Monsanto.

 Yvette herself used to work for a pesticide company before gaining notoriety for authoring a sleazy piece of vulgar tabloid journalism for Gawker--  a "take down" of a clean- food advocate critical of GMOs

These paid cyber-stalkers and bullies  believe they can abridge our freedom of speech through  relentless harassment, bullying and even stalking. They think that they can pressure us to stop speaking out about toxic food.

Monsanto (and other Chemical Companies) are hiding cancer-associated GMOs in your and your pet's food, and are engaging in illegal behavior--professional libel and cyber-bullying on our business Facebook page , Google, Yelp, Twitter, and Reddit even--to keep you from knowing what's in your food.

Please watch

Veterinarians would never malign each other, so I called Dr. Frank.

See her response, a letter from Dr. Frank who has never seen Mike B.---the fake client who left us a one star review on Yelp.

GMOs beg a Simple Question

 Why Are  Pesticide Companies  in Charge of Your Food? 

We are not going to let these Chemical Corporations with the worst history of environmental pollution and betrayal of public trust-- Monsanto, Dow, Dupont (or their Public Relations allies like Ketchum)- who contaminated our environment with Agent Orange, PCBs, and DDT while denying  their toxicity for decades. - lie to you and mislead you. And neither should you. 

Oh, and if you  feel like giving us a high five on Yelp- we really do very much appreciate it. 

But please let your friends know...there is no reason to trust Yelp! 
It enables fraudulent reviews misrepresenting businesses for profit and deceiving customers.

If you would like to see us advocating for you on Twitter,  we would love you to join us: 
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